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A concern for value.

Your Resource.

Your Resource

Spinweld supports you as an engineering consultant from your prototype to full production runs, with the capacity to grow.

Your Alternative.

Your Alternative

Competitive to forging with less lead time and tooling needs. Superior strength compared to traditional welding and fastening.

Your Solution.

Your Solution

Combine near net size friction welding with CNC machining to reduce material costs, tooling costs, and machining time.


Proven Solutions for Your Growth

Friction welding is the alternative manufacturing solution to meet today’s challenges and requirements! Apply the friction welding advantage to reduce costs and maximize your return on investment!

Over 50 Years of Experience

A Legacy of Lasting Relationships and Flexible Solutions for Growth

Spinweld is a friction welding job shop, providing CNC machining and turnkey services to the metal fabricating industry. We’re sure there’s a way we can meet your needs and challenges!

Over 50 Years of Experience



Formability, wear resistance, strength, weight, and flexibility in engineering changes, all on budget.

Production CNC Machining

Production CNC Machining

Multiple machines, short and long-run production, close tolerance, live tooling, bar feeder, and a compliment of tool room equipment and added value streams.

Speed Up Time to Market

Speed Up Time to Market

Minimal tooling time, costs, and readily-available raw materials allow for rapid time to market.

Start solving your challenges today.