Five Reasons to Choose Friction Welding

Welcome back to the blog! Now that you know all about what friction welding is, you’ve probably started wondering how and when you should use it, or if it’s right for projects you’re considering. You’ve also probably been wondering what kinds of benefits you can get from friction welding as opposed to the traditional means.

Friction welding is a forging process, intermixing metals instead of just attaching them. Because it does this, friction welding can provide you with ultimate strength, flexibility, quality, and environmental friendliness. Today we’re going to look at why you should choose friction welding over other types, examining the many advantages of the process.

Reasons to choose friction welding

1. Friction welding can join dissimilar metals.

Joining dissimilar metals is one of the most popular reasons for using friction welding. Unlike traditional welding, friction welding allows you to take two materials that cannot normally be fused together, such as aluminum and steel or titanium and copper. This can come in handy for a variety of projects, providing you with more solutions, flexibility, and creativity. These are all things Spinweld loves! Try our metal combining tool on our website.

2. Friction welding is better for the environment.

These days we’re all thinking green in our business and personal practices. Friction welding is a wonderful eco-friendly practice. Because of the way it is done, there are no polluting gases, fumes, or smoke exhausted into the air. Furthermore, the process does not use consumables or filter metals that are then wastefully thrown away. Friction welding also reduces CO2 emissions. It’s an ideal solution for environmentally friendly welding, and Spinweld is very dedicated to building a better planet.

3. Friction welding gets it done faster.

Simply put, friction welding means more efficiency. It can be accomplished nearly 100 times faster than regular fusion welds. This means less machining time and lower tool costs. Who doesn’t love to have a quick and better process? Being efficient is one of the many things our customers love about us at Spinweld.

4. Friction welding results in less mess.

Friction welding causes less of a mess for two reasons. First of all, it doesn’t require an external heat source or flux, keeping the process neater. Secondly, friction welding does not require lubricants or oils, which also causes a mess. Ultimately, this means you can get more done and don’t have to spend time cleaning up after each project! At Spinweld, that means we reduce our on-the-clock cleanup time and can take on more customers.

5. Friction welding offers excellent and consistent quality.

When all is said and done, we all want a high-quality result. Friction welding is the closest thing to a guarantee that your project will look great and function well. Because the metals are forged rather than fused, there are fewer defects like cracks and porosity, and since the weld is machine-controlled, friction welding can provide a consistency that can’t be guaranteed by other types of welding. The return on your investment is a result of reduced material costs and a faster, higher-quality item. At Spinweld, we are all about quality!

These are just a few of the many advantages of using the unique friction welding technique. Spinweld uses these advantages to help you meet your needs at a price you can afford.