6 Basic Friction Welding Joint Types – Tube to Disc

Spinweld’s Friction welding Tube to Disc is the third joint type we will discuss in our 6 part series of the different welding joints, bonds, or union types in 2018. Similar to a bar to a plate, tube to a disc consists of a smaller round part to a larger round part or not round part but with a hole in both components. Value-added weight reduction designs with friction welding offer tremendous design opportunities and advantages.

Flange to a shaft, foot to a bar, stamped part to a stand-off, and rotor to a power take-off is associated with friction welding and forging near-net-size projects but with less mass or weight. Engineers now have the tools and ability to alter the design for more power, faster moving, additional capacity, less stress, longer lasting, lighter to lift or new and improved product without a complete redesign. Calculate the surface area required to meet functional and safety needs and Spinweld will provide 100% full-strength union and the comfort of knowing the mechanical properties of the joint are equal to or stronger than the weakest of the two components.

The weld interface consists of a CNC machined semi-finished shaft with a hole to a CNC machined finished hub with a hole. Friction welding is best suited for raw material to raw material. Semi-finished and finished components can be used but require upfront design techniques and custom tooling. If you happened to miss last month video click here, Bar to Plate Inertia Friction Weld. A small investment in a Friction Weld R&D for your project will result in comfort, high strength, a justifiable ROI, and a solution!

Spinweld wants to be your R.A.S. – Resource, Alternative, and Solution for your friction welding and turnkey needs for 2018 and beyond. We are here to grow with you!

Please stay tuned for part 4 of our Blog series: Tube to Plate.

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