Multiple Friction Weld Components

Friction welding is not limited to two material types or sizes. Multiple materials and sizes are used for reduction in tooling costs and optimizing near final size.


This part is used in the Agricultural Equipment Industry. This forged yoke is a semi-finished machined part, friction welded to a tube and then to a disc. The odd shape required special tooling for quality and to prevent flaws on semi-finished part. This is a multiple friction weld with bi-metal material.


This component is part of the Renewable Energy Industry. It is a cross section of a piston. Bi metal friction welding was chosen to use correct material where needed based on application and functionality. 3 different types of materials are used for multiple bi metal unions. CNC machining and turn key services completed this part to tight tolerance per print specifications.

Automotive Application

This part is an automotive application. Two semi-finished components with similar materials are friction welded to both ends of a saw cut tube. No additional CNC machining is required on the inside of the tube or the outside diameter. Engineers designed this part with friction welding in mind which allowed for efficient CNC processes at the right time.