Spinwelding Dissimilar Metals

Copper to Aluminum

Friction Welding allows your design department the ability to join Dissimilar Metals, thus allowing your engineer/designer the flexibility to tailor fit your product so it will perform as you want it.

We recently had the opportunity of assisting one of our customers with a quick turnaround R&D project involving aluminum to copper. Spinweld produces many Aluminum to Copper parts — you might say we are starting to specialize in it.

Copper to Aluminum Friction Welding


Reducing material costs and streamlining processes are at the top of everyone’s lists these days. When considering any process change, it is always fearful. However, Spinweld can help guide you through this process. Quality is never sacrificed, and the friction welding process will enhance your product via yield and tensile values. Being ISO certified, we follow any Six Sigma applications that you have in place (Control Plans or FMEA’s). Accountability is important to us, and we will let you know upfront if we believe tooling is required. It’s not an afterthought. We listen to your needs and expectations.

Spinweld wants to help you reach your product goals of ultimate strength by utilizing similar and Dissimilar Metals. We offer 12 Friction Welding machines and a CNC Department to better serve you. We are honest and forthright with all results and welcome you as a new (or existing) customer, assisting your team with their challenges. Never compromising on final results. Our Quality Department can assist with testing and we will have lab tested any parts required so you, our Customer, get the best product possible.